automatic backups

3 Reasons You Wish You Had Automatic Backups

Everyone knows just how important backups are to a business. If your data is replicated somewhere, you can restore your computers in the event of an accidental deletion, a misplaced file, or an outage that brings down your system. If not, you may never be able to recover that vital information.

You can take a lot of pressure off your company by using an automatic backup system. A system like this ensures that backing up takes place regularly, on time, every time.

Automatic Backups: Cut Down on Mistakes

Making sure an entire company’s data is safe is a big job for anyone. If you leave manual backups in the hands of someone on staff, you are putting a lot of pressure on them to remember to do the job right. Something is likely to go wrong eventually. People get caught up in other tasks, make simple mistakes, and run into errors, leaving your backups compromised.

Automatic backups remove those weaknesses. The program backs up your data without needing human input. It does not face the same issues with human error, therefore, and can substantially reduce the risk that something is forgotten or done improperly. By saving your company from mistakes, an automatic backup system will save your company time, money, and headaches in the future.

It’s Easy to Back Up on the Fly

Some business files are updated by users on a regular basis. If you are relying on your staff to make a manual backup every single time they edit a file, the odds are that sometimes people will forget, leaving you with an outdated backup.

An automatic backup program can be set up to sync your files as soon as they are altered. The latest version of a document will always be in your backup location. This means that your system can be up to date all the time, without human intervention.

You Can Restore Your Data – in Full – After a Disaster

Following a disaster, you’ll want to be able to access your data backups and get your business up and running as soon as possible. However, if your manual backups are not in good shape, or worse yet, haven’t been done at all, you might have to consider building your business back up from the ground.

This might sound unlikely, but it happens every day to firms that fail to prepare. It’s a sobering moment, realizing that there is nothing you can do now that the data has been lost. Loss of critical data can cripple a company completely.

With an automatic backup system, you have the peace of mind that comes with knowing all of your information is ready and waiting for restoration after a disaster. If you’re using automatic syncing, you’ll be able to restore your data to the point just before the disaster hit.

Whether you’re dealing with a fire or flood, a power outage, or a human threat, you’ll be glad that the latest versions of your files were automatically backed up in a separate, secure location. You will be able to focus on steering your business through the disaster, which is always easier when you have all your data at your fingertips. Get in touch with Techneto to learn about getting your business hooked up with easy automatic backups.