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5 Qualities of an Outstanding Business Analyst

An outstanding business analyst can help your business soar to success. These people play a key role in helping your company be the best it can be. They delve into your business to understand every aspect of what is working, and what is not. By carefully analyzing every part of your company, a business analyst should be able to tailor strategies specifically to your business, its goals, and your vision.

How can you know that you’re working with an outstanding business analyst? Look for these five qualities as a good indicator that your BA knows what he or she is doing.

An Excellent Communicator

Business analysts have to communicate all the time. They must do so clearly and effectively. He or she will be communicating with people at all levels of your business, from part-time workers to stakeholders, so they need to be able to tailor their messages to each person. They also need to be able to translate all of the information they receive into something that is easy to understand so that all the relevant parties can follow their strategies.

Always Asking Questions

Since the role of a business analyst is to look deeply into a company and identify its strengths and weaknesses, you should expect your business analyst to be investigative. An inquisitive approach is best. If your analyst is acting like they’ve seen it all before, you should consider a second opinion.

A business analyst should consider every aspect of a company. They ought to ask questions beyond the obvious. This is the only way to get to the root of what may be troubling a business.

Easily Handles Conflict

In trying to discover what is making a company experience problems, a business analyst is likely to run into conflict. This might be interpersonal or between departments of a business. He or she needs to be able to address that conflict in a constructive way. To be productive, they need the skills to mediate these kinds of problems to be productive.

Decisive Leadership

A business analyst may propose big changes to your company. If this happens, you need them to do so in a confident, decisive way. When the business analyst has made their plan, they ought to stand behind it. If your business analyst isn’t experienced enough to be confident about their ideas, it will be hard to convince others in the company to go along with the new strategies.

A Researcher and Innovator

Business analysts cannot rely on repeating the same tricks to get a company running smoothly. They should always be on the lookout for new technologies, new strategies, and new solutions.

As the business world changes, companies need to hire business analysts that have kept up with innovations, new ways of thinking, and the changing demands of consumers.

Find out if your business analyst has recently undergone training or undertaken research to stay on top of the latest industry trends. They should have a balance of experience, tried and tested wisdom, and receptiveness to new approaches. Businesses differ greatly and a novel approach may turn out to be the best one for your company!

Your business analyst might suggest making significant changes to the way you work. This can be both anxiety-inducing and exciting. At Techneto, we’re more than just IT guys. We’re true business analysts who understand the value of technology from a business perspective. Our analysts satisfy the five points above, so you can have greater peace-of-mind whenever you partner with us.