They Didn’t Teach Me How to Run a Business in School!

business schoolMaybe it’s been your lifelong dream to start a business – something that actually satisfies a need in the marketplace and makes you feel fantastic because you know you’re helping people. But as you finally got around to launching a company, you’ve realized it’s actually quite intimidating – running a company requires seriously hard work, long hours, and of course, a significant amount of money.

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When you’re starting your company, you’re trying to think positive; you’re focused on making your clients happy, but at a certain point, you’ll realize information technology plays an important role in the way you serve your clients, regardless of what industry you’re operating in.

Here’s the thing: information technology can be downright frustrating – almost as frustrating as those first few years when you’re starting a company. We get that. You’re already dealing with the hardships of running a business for the first time – why add handling information technology on top of that?

We’re here to help you get back to what matters most: serving your clients and getting new business opportunities. How? We’ll:

  • Create a strategic technology plan that allows you to leverage technologies suited to your goals and objectives while staying within your budget.
  • Have the peace of mind you deserve with responsive support wherein you’re able to call us, email us, or request support via the web whenever you need assistance.
  • Protect your most vital assets including your data and applications – making sure they’re backed up and ready to recover in a moment’s notice when needed.

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The Mathematics of Managed IT Services

More than anything, you need an IT partner that’s always looking to the future. Even with the best services, you’ll never truly thrive if your IT provider isn’t smart and strategic with their methods.

Managed IT Services

{company} has put together what we consider to be basic facts of successfully managing business IT – when we help guide you to make the best and most effective IT investments, our team always keep these in mind.

  1. Reducing maintenance increases costs.

When it comes to protection, {company} knows that proactive, preventative maintenance is key. We know from experience that when you try to reduce the cost of preventative maintenance, you end up spending more on reactive support. The best way to maximize your investment is to work with proactive solutions and comprehensive maintenance, so issues are dealt with and stopped as soon as they come up.

  1. Prepaid services change the game by handing off risks.

We’re sure your IT provider has the best of intentions, but facts are facts.  When you pay for IT on an “as needed” basis, providers are less motivated to prevent problems, because they make money when things break. On the other hand, when you’re paying a flat monthly support contract, your IT provider makes money when things don’t break. We invest in prevention, and you benefit.

  1. It’s not insurance.

The major difference is this, and it’s a big difference: When you buy insurance, the insurance company walks away and crosses their fingers. When you buy fixed-cost managed IT services, your provider gets busy doing all the things that will reduce costs and risks for both of you.

You’re not just paying to offload risk to somebody else; you’re paying us to prevent problems and manage the risk. Along the way, you benefit from predictable costs and a productive business environment.

  1. People can promise to deliver more for less, but that doesn’t mean you’ll get it.

The fact of the matter is that they probably won’t be able to, no matter how well intentioned they are. It costs money to deliver IT services, and when we contract to give you the services you need, we have to charge appropriately. Any company who doesn’t do that will either start cutting services or go out of business.

  1. It’s not just about technology.

We know that’s what truly important is great face-to-face communication as well as being 100% comfortable with your IT people. {company} understands how crucial it is to plan for your future, talking about everything from management to your unique business needs and priorities. We work with you to build a partnership based on trust, so you have peace of mind knowing that your IT team is thinking ahead as well as reacting promptly when necessary.

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Wondering Why Your Company Doesn’t Make Big Money?

Here’s the Simple Answer

Making MoneyWhether you’re in business to share your fantastic product with consumers or you’re in business to save the world, all companies share one common goal: to grow, succeed, and of course, make money. If you’re wondering why your company doesn’t make big money, there’s likely a simpler answer than you’d think.

You’re not taking advantage of the productivity boosting services available to you.

Yes, that’s right: making money is all about productivity. When you and your staff members are working productivity, you’re able to use resources more efficiently, implement more effective work processes, and ultimately, get more work done to serve those you serve – achieving a higher level of revenue.

{company} knows it’s all about productivity – and we know how to help you become more productive than ever before; allowing you to make the big bucks. Call {phone} or send us an email: {email} for more information.

There are many ways you’re able to boost productivity through the use of innovative IT solutions. Here’s a few simple tricks and tools you’re able to leverage to reach a massive productivity increase:

  • Take advantage of the cloud to enable anytime, anywhere access to important data and applications – letting staff members work in the office, at home, or any location imaginable.
  • Switch from break/fix to managed services to enjoy a more predictable, flat rate monthly fee while ensuring your systems are monitored and maintained to prevent costly, productivity destroying issues.
  • Create a strategic technology plan that takes your goals and objectives into consideration to ensure your technology goes beyond simply “working” and actually helps you get where you want to be.
  • Give employees the tools needed to communicate anywhere such as hosted email or phone systems (VoIP) that let them stay connected to colleagues, partners, and customers while out of the office.

You’re likely spending a significant amount of money on information technology – are you getting a return on your investment? If not, it’s time to make a change. Finding the right tools helps tremendously to improve productivity and boost revenue.

{company} is here to help you get moving towards a more productive, profitable company. Call us at {phone} or send us an email: {email} for more information.


Why IT Services Delivered In A Strategic Manner Is A Must For Today’s Business

One of the main problems many businesses face today is that they are not properly focusing on using their IT strategically and aligning technology to the rapid changes in today’s virtual consumer world.

Strategic IT Consulting

Far too many companies are dragging their feet and failing to fully appreciate and respond to the fast paced changes in technology and use it to their best advantage. Consequently, there is a growing gap between what is occurring in the tech world and in how businesses are providing the services or products they deliver.

As a part of your overall business strategic approach, your business model must also take full advantage of the new business IT models that current technology provides.

Your IT needs to be adaptable to consumer needs as there is a growing gap between where the consumer world is heading and the IT approach used by companies to run their business.

Delivery platforms are rapidly shifting especially when it comes to mobility, cloud computing and social media. Channels for communications and collaboration are swiftly evolving as consumers drive much of these new changes. However, many businesses today are lagging far behind in taking full advantage of these new technology paradigms.

There are 5 major areas where companies need to proactively incorporate their strategic use of technology into their business model or pay the price if they neglect to keep pace with their competitors including:

  • Incorporating Mobile Smart Devices and Tablets – The sale of tablets alone is shortly expected to outpace the sales in the PC market. These and other smart devices need to be included as part of your IT business strategy.
  • Social Media – Businesses are not fully realizing or appreciating the impact of social media and how it is even now surpassing email in how people communicate and interact.
  • Cloud Computing – There are numerous cost, productivity and collaboration advantages now available for businesses by migrating some or many of their business processes to the cloud.
  • Consumerization – This simply refers to the usability of your IT by your staff, clients and customers.
  • Big Data – Businesses continue to be overwhelmed in how they manage and use large amounts of data to their advantage and how it is accessed and applied for business advantage.

The fast changing trends in today’s IT world is a wake-up call for businesses today as they need to intelligently and properly align their IT in a strategic manner to enhance their business model.

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How Deficiencies In Technology Can Impact Your Business?

Many small business owners are currently using dated technology, while others are using tech that just isn’t right for their business.


In this highly competitive world this puts your business at risk and at a disadvantage because your competitors are a step ahead of you.

Every business owner needs to regularly re-evaluate their IT processes at least on an annual basis. Choosing the right applications, software and hardware is also vital.

There are so many choices and they all come with amazing features, but choosing the wrong tech can also be problematic because some choices can cause a host of unnecessary problems for your particular business model.

The most fundamental question you need to answer when you perform an evaluation is to ask yourself and those who manage your IT is: “Does my company have the right technology?”

One of the key areas where many businesses go wrong is that they have ad systems that may not be delivering the right message to your targeted audience. It may not be the ad system that’s at fault as the problem might be in how it is implemented, and how it has been structured.

Information Technology Support & Services In {city}

But, there are also many other areas that need to be seriously evaluated such as the solutions you employ for contract management, or how you have set up your analytics to evaluate how well your message is reaching out to your audience.

It sometimes helps to spend some money to get the right IT consultants come in and evaluate how well and effective your IT processes are serving your company. They may be able to recommend better hardware, software and other applications, along with providing detailed training of all your employees.

But, the first and most important step is to evaluate how well your technology is performing and if it performs in the manner you want it to perform.

{company} can analyze and run a detailed audit of all your IT processes and recommend how you can improve your workflow.

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Does Your IT Company Provide Real Insight Into the Efficiencies of Your Business?

Beyond providing basic technology management and support, your IT company should be helping you create an agenda to align technology with goals and objectives to support growth and success.

IT Company InsightDoes your IT company provide real insight into the efficiencies of your business? If not, it’s time to find another IT company that looks at technology as a business enabler – instead of simply a tool you need to use.

The truth is, information technology can easily be used to help you streamline processes, improve efficiencies, and above all, boost revenue; however, you need an IT company that works to provide real insight into the efficiencies of your business. How do you know an IT company is able to do this? An IT company that’s up for the challenge will:

  • Look deeper into the business including what employees use what systems, what applications are necessary, what type of customers you serve, and other important details that let them find better ways for you to:
    • Optimize technology investments
    • Streamline processes and procedures
    • Protect confidential information
    • Enhance service delivery
    • Improve customer service
  • Participate in c-level planning for the purpose of creating more value for the company. This means fully understanding goals and objectives, in order to help with:
    • Prioritizing initiatives over the next few years
    • Tracking success based on goals and objectives set
    • Completing projects/tasks according to deadlines/budgets
  • Review processes on a periodic basis as they need to be consistently involved with creating/updating processes to ensure business inefficiencies are eliminated – they should be reviewing processes on a periodic basis to:
    • Make sure any new systems or applications are working properly
    • Determine whether or not projects/tasks completed achieved goals
    • Make sure the strategic plan created is being followed as needed

In today’s modern, increasingly technology reliant business environment, you need an IT company that provides real insight into the efficiencies of your business. {company} is here to help. Call us at {phone} or send us an email: {email}.

Is Your Business Suffering From A Lack Of Focus?

“The key to success is to focus our conscious mind on things we desire not things we fear.”
Brian Tracy, Business Development Expert

Learning from your mistakes is an undoubtedly important part of any endeavor. Whether in a personal or a professional setting, understanding your shortcomings can help you avoid them, but focusing solely on what you’ve done wrong can be detrimental in and of itself. One lost sale may gain the undivided attention of a businessman, when examining successful sales can be just as beneficial of an exercise, if not more. When you study for a test, you don’t try to memorize the wrong answers, do you?


Businesses whose leadership focuses on their success can easily apply what they learn to the next opportunity. While this is certainly true for sales, communication and other aspects of business, it’s true of the IT environment as well. Business technology is often about troubleshooting: fixing the problem after the fact and taking steps to keep it from happening again. As important as proper troubleshooting is, understanding the success of your IT setup is just as significant. Through the following steps, you cannot only benefit from the ways in which your IT systems excel, but you can further capitalize from them too:

  1. Identification:

Regular monitoring and review will help you keep track of what your business technology does right. Your IT infrastructure provides tools for you and your staff to accomplish tasks, so if you can recognize when one employee is using this tool more effectively than another, you can use that knowledge to benefit the entire operation. Services such as enterprise analytics, data mining, and business intelligence platforms allow companies to analyze their data to find opportunities to cut waste and expedite tasks, which is a good way to put your data to work for you as well.

  1. Application:

The next step is to take what you’ve learned and allow your business to benefit from it. Through employee education and further training you can standardize the best uses of your IT systems across your company, instead of leaving it to your employees’ individual grasp of technology. Consulting services can also help you to identify areas of your operation that present an opportunity for improvement, so don’t let what you’ve learned from your IT successes go to waste.

  1. Results:

In the end, you should see a considerable return on investment for your effort in capitalizing on what your IT does right. While consulting services and data mining procedures requires time and money, they result in a more expedient and less wasteful operation, allowing your business to do more with less.

Improve Your Focus With a Plan!

{company} can provide your business with a plan to make most of your IT systems and improve them as need be. We can help identify and apply the knowledge of how your business technology excels so that you can see more success in your business’ operation.

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How Does Motivation Contribute to Business Growth and Success?

Naturally, every business owner has one simple thing in common: they all set out to achieve growth and success.


The importance of motivation in business cannot be underestimated, but what is your motivation? Are you looking to make money or achieve notoriety? If so, it’s time to rework your goals… there’s a lot more that needs to go into business growth and success than the motivation to make money or achieve notoriety.

Everyone wants to build a profitable business, but it’s vital to start with the basics and move forward from there:

  • What is your purpose? What do you aim to do?
  • Does your staff operate under the values you’ve set?
  • Are you doing everything in your power to exceed client expectations?

That’s right: the motivation to make money or achieve notoriety isn’t enough. You must be motivated to reach your purpose, operate under the values you hold dear, and do everything in your power to exceed client expectations. That’s what business growth and success is all about.

Here’s a few tips to help you maintain motivation amongst all members of your team:

  • Keep developing employees through consistent training to increase skill-sets and knowledge – helping them feel as though they’re able to go to the next level.
  • Always promote from within to make sure all staff members know advancement is possible and highly likely in their future within the organization.
  • Track performance metrics to help employees stay up-to-date on how they’re performing and what improvements need to be made so they stay in line with company goals.

Last but not least, communicate with each and every staff member to ensure they’re aware of any changes to company goals, any challenges faced, and any feedback they need to know to stay motivated.

Discover more ways to stay motivated, and in turn, become more profitable as a company. Contact {company} at {phone} or send us an email at {email} for more information.

“Helping people focus on the meaning and impact of their work, rather than on, say, the financial returns it will bring, may be the best way to improve not only the quality of their work but also—counterintuitive though it may seem—their financial success,” observed Wrzesniewski and her co-author Barry Schwartz. This is especially important because it is easy to fall into the trap of allowing external incentives, such as monetary rewards at work, to detract from your ability to focus on meaningful efforts to serve others.

Can Your Current Technology Company Become a True Trusted Business Advisor?

Many companies are starting to realize the potential of using IT as a business enabler – driving growth and success in an increasingly competitive marketplace. But here’s the thing: you need a technology company that acts as a trusted business advisor – helping you embrace technology to:

  • Keep employees engaged and monitor performance throughout departments.
  • Maintain access to vital financial information without sacrificing security.
  • Prevent inappropriate use of the Internet to keep staff members focused on work.
  • Stay on track to meet goals and objectives without going over an agreed upon budget.

Essentially, a trusted business advisor works to address challenges all individuals in the workplace face – from office administrators to human resources representatives. Once those challenges are addressed, a trusted business advisor starts looking at the bigger picture; strategizing to achieve success:

  1. Creating a documented technology roadmap

A technology roadmap is created to outline goals and objectives, as well as the solutions to meet those goals and objectives. This roadmap is reviewed to monitor success and make changes as needed.

  1. Holding business reviews on a regular basis

Regular business reviews give you a chance to discuss what’s working and what’s not working regarding the technology roadmap. Then improvements can be made on an as needed basis.

  1. Guiding you to make smart investments

A trusted technology advisor guides you to invest in the right technologies that will work for your needs and budget. This is vital as the right technologies can make a world of difference in the way you operate.

Discover what makes {company} the right trusted business advisor for you. Contact us at {phone} or send us an email at {email} to learn more.