Helping you move to the cloud for greater flexibility, cost savings, and agility.

Cloud computing is drastically revolutionizing the way many businesses get work done and stay competitive in the marketplace – enabling greater flexibility, cost savings, and agility. {company} knows the cloud is an incredible technology for those looking to work from any device or location; giving them the ability to respond to customer demands and business changes in a moment’s notice.

Imagine eliminating the outrageous cost of on-premise servers, equipment, and software licenses – replacing them with subscription-based services that let you pay for what you use – and nothing more; all while cutting costs associated with maintenance, cooling, and support.

We provide the following cloud solutions:

Cloudville Desktop

Cloudville Desktop gives you access to the Windows 7 or 8 experience via desktop virtualization that lets you access business applications from any device or location, which means you’re able to:

  • Eliminate major up-front costs for hardware overhauls
Supporting Desktop
  • Save costs of managing, maintaining, and supporting desktops
Security Measures
  • Depend on more comprehensive security measures
  • Grow and scale your infrastructure whenever business changes occur

Cloudville Voice

Cloudville Voice gives you a secure, flexible phone system that’s incredibly simple to manage and adapts to business growth and change. You’re able to make and receive calls over the Internet; allowing you to:

Cost Associated
  • Eliminate costs associated with long-distance calling
  • Use innovative features, such as call forwarding, screening, and recording
Online Meeting
  • Collaborate via video conferencing, online meetings, and more
  • Use any available phone number to maintain a local presence

Cloudville Drive

Cloudville Drive is a file sharing solution designed to make it simpler than ever before to share information across multiple platforms with ease – using any device from any location. You’re able to:

Cloud Computing
  • Feel safe with granular security and policy based control of content, users, etc.
Cloud Solutions
  • Use any device, whether it’s iOS, Android, or Windows, to share files
Remote Access
  • Encourage collaboration via greater connectivity for remote workers
Cloud Back-up
  • Keep operating during disaster as files are backed up automatically

Cloudville Office 365

Cloudville Office 365 lets you take advantage of the productivity suite you already know and love with the convenience of anytime, anywhere access to email, contacts, calendars, and more. You’re able to:

  • Scale your subscription up and down as needed to pay only for what you use
Cloud Based Security
  • Maintain protection with built-in backups and various security measures
Cloud Solutions
  • Prevent downtime with a 99.9% uptime guarantee
Cloud Computing
  • Improve collaboration as you share files and communicate with ease

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Cloudville (Powered by Techneto) provides cloud solutions that give you greater ROI compared to on-premises solutions.

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