CMS Brings Medical Care into the Digital Age

The Center for Medical Services (CMS) has released a new set of rules on operations policy to be implemented across the board. These reforms were made after the careful consideration of over 2500 comments made by medical patients and professionals alike. CMS reviewed all active programs and found ways to increase productivity within them.


CMS made it clear that there goal with this new reform is to bring medical care out of the out-dated paper system and into the 21st century. These enhancements will make health care information available to those that need it while assuring its security.

These are some of the reforms:

  • Give medical care providers freedom to treat patience what way they see best
  • Increase funding and decrease time restraints on development
  • Allow more people access to healthcare
  • Secure information exchange between doctors and patients
  • Increase interoperability by 27%
  • Increase in compliance time for medical care agencies

What Does All Of This Mean For Me, The Patient?

The largest impact that these reforms will have on the average patient is that will the increase in information availability patients will be able to access their own health information. CMS has allowed this in hopes of giving people the opportunity to make better health choices. These changes are also aimed at expediting the health care process. They may not be able to put more doctors in hospitals but what these changes can do is free up medical care providers’ time so that they can be seeing patience instead of ruffling through paperwork.

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