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If IT Services Were Delivered by General Maximus

Great societies thrive on superior infrastructure in the same way that a human body relies on a skeleton. This was certainly the case with the Roman Empire, which grew to an unbelievable size by relying on its extensive network of roads. Having great bones is never enough to sustain an empire (or a business, for that matter) forever. The people in charge, the underlying philosophy, and the competent management of all the moving parts are what really keep great organizations going.

Though almost entirely fictional, the 2000 blockbuster Gladiator told a compelling story about what can happen when the greatest powers begin to fall apart from the inside despite having all the resources to succeed, and how sometimes even a single force for change – in this case the fallen general Maximus Meridius – can serve as a wakeup call. Businesses aren’t nearly as huge as the Roman Empire, but there are certainly themes from the movie that can be applied to your organization.

The beginning of General Maximus Meridius’s story is a brutal allegory for Rome’s emerging failures; Marcus Aurelius, a wise and prudent emperor and a champion of noble ideals, is murdered by a jealous son – leaving Maximus, Aurelius’s heir apparent, cast out and left for dead. Under the rule of the new Emperor Commodus, Rome loses touch with everything it once stood for.

Of course, the troubles that afflict businesses aren’t nearly as bloody or dramatic, but they can spell doom just the same; an excellent business model can begin to lag behind or fall apart.

Just as Rome’s problems began to become apparent to the world, however, Maximus resurfaced in grand fashion. Becoming a hero of the people in the Colosseum allowed Maximus to expose Rome’s underlying corruption and ultimately duel Commodus for the future of the empire.

Imagine, for a moment, that your business is Rome and Maximus is an IT specialist who delivers exceptional IT services; there’s no blood and no broken bones, but whether through neglect or by means of some run-in with malware, your business is struggling and in desperate need of IT services that had once been dismissed. There’s no cause for fear; your own Maximus Meridius is a phone call away. He’s wearing a polo instead of armor and laid down his sword to carry a laptop, but he brings all the redeeming qualities of the Roman original.

IT services are a quintessential part of any organizational philosophy, and forging ahead without taking the necessary precautions can be disastrous. In a perfect world, there wouldn’t be hackers, malware and device failures lurking around every corner, and in a perfect world, Marcus Aurelius would have continued to rule and passed Rome on to a proper leader. Sadly, the world isn’t perfect, and just like Rome, your business needs its Maximus.

If your business is falling behind and in need of rescue, Techneto has been waiting to give you a helping hand. Give us a call and we’ll send in your own personal Maximus – though we’d really appreciate it if you didn’t make him fight a tiger.